Safer and faster foam bonding of insulation boards.

Bonding of insulation boards with foam adhesive has enormous advantages such as cleanliness, less weight on scaffoldings, less time spent on set-up and cleaning up and quick reworkability of the boards. But even this material has its downsides. When the foam expands, the board easily slips but only limited readjustment is possible. Moreover, the foam must not collapse if the board is pressed a little too tightly onto the wall. When using the new SOVASPEED bonding method and the magic Powersticks, the safe application of adhesive foam is child’s play, ensuring that the insulation board remains in its proper position. The Powersticks exert light counter-pressure during application, which facilitates the alignment of the board. The POWERSTICK washer serves as a spacer between the wall and the foam adhesive at the same time, preventing the foam from collapsing when pressed too tightly onto the wall. 

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