Safer and faster foam bonding of insulation boards.

Bonding of insulation boards with foam adhesive has enormous advantages such as cleanliness, less weight on scaffoldings, less time spent on set-up and cleaning up and quick reworkability of the boards. But even this material has its downsides. When the foam expands, the board easily slips but only limited readjustment is possible. Moreover, the foam must not collapse if the board is pressed a little too tightly onto the wall. When using the new SOVASPEED bonding method and the magic Powersticks, the safe application of adhesive foam is child’s play, ensuring that the insulation board remains in its proper position. The Powersticks exert light counter-pressure during application, which facilitates the alignment of the board. The POWERSTICK washer serves as a spacer between the wall and the foam adhesive at the same time, preventing the foam from collapsing when pressed too tightly onto the wall. 

New, heat reflective interior wall paint

Sometimes there are reasons why a residential building cannot be insulated with a conventional external wall insulation system. The consequence: a lot of costly heating energy is lost and indoor comfort is significantly impaired, particularly close to cold external walls. Remedial action is now available thanks to the new heat reflective interior wall coating SOVA THERMALIN. Thanks to its high reflectivity in terms of thermal radiation the coating keeps the heat inside the building, increasing the thermal comfort due to the large amount of pleasant thermal radiation (comparable to a tiled stove) and minimising the draught effect on badly insulated external walls at the same time. 

SOVATHERM EPS Premium perfectly protects insulated façades from surface damage.

SOVATHERM EPS Premium solves two frequently occurring thermal insulation problems at the same time. The product is characterised by its very high shock and impact resistance, which minimises the risk of surface damage. And dark colour shades can be realised without problems on insulated façades with this system. Annoying restrictions when designing façades are therefore a thing of the past.

For the third time in a row SOVA GmbH has been nominated for the Grand Prix for small and medium-sized businesses by the jury of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung based in Leipzig, Germany, and has thus reached the second level of the competition. The renowned competition has been organised by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation since 1995. Outstanding performance is evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: overall development of the company, innovative spirit and modernisation, protection and creation of jobs as well as customer proximity. Incidentally, SOVA was nominated by the Economics Ministry of the German Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2008, SOVA GmbH had already received the Rhineland-Palatinate sponsorship award “Success 2008” for its outstanding innovative spirit. 

In good time before the cold period begins, we have once again improved our fast drying façade plasters. Using an innovative binder technology SILKOLIT and SOVALIT in ST-setting are even faster curing and earlier rain resistant. Together with the SOVA ST-Reinforcement Compounds it is possible to finish a whole ETIC System in time.

ST actually stands for „fast drying“. Building sites can thus be completed unhurriedly in autumn. And in spring, work can be taken up earlier!

Special properties:
- Early rain-resistant thanks to accelerated skin formation.
- More quickly overcoatable than traditional products.
- High resistance to washing in light and medium rain and fog.